Also, SEC union tells Gensler it's good for the planet to let employees work from home
Also, the men behind the $100 million meme-stock deli are hit with fraud charges
Also, MSCI and S&P Dow Jones try to fend off tougher SEC oversight
Also, SEC might not ban PFOF but it still doesn't like it; PCAOB chief says audit watchdog is waking up from its long enforcement slumber
Senators get their chance tomorrow
Also, how Morgan Stanley lost some hard drives and got hit with a $35 million fine; Biden plans to fill two seats on FDIC board
Also, Gensler speaks on climate rule; Ripple saga could be nearing a conclusion
Also, fund trade groups ask SEC, CFTC to extend comment periods for Form PF proposal
Also, CFPB releases report on report on 'buy now, pay later'
Also, SEC proposes new rules for Treasury market that single out hedge funds and high-speed traders
Also, Republicans issue warning to Finra: Don't wrap retail investors in bubble tape; a final word on Hunt's missing Bitcoin
Also, Citadel Securities pushes back on expanding sub-penny price increments for stock trades; a follow-up on Richard Hunt's missing Bitcoin