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Since its launch in June 2022, Capitol Account's daily newsletter has become essential reading for top policy makers at federal agencies and in Congress, as well as by the lawyers, lobbyists, advocates and executives who are impacted by financial regulation.

Our team of veteran journalists from Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal, reports on rulemaking – and the rule-writers – in a way that other publications can’t match (and with the state of the media these days, few are even trying). 

We dig into complicated regulations and the battles they provoke at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Reserve, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other federal agencies. We also closely follow congressional financial services committees and track efforts to influence regulators’ decisions. Our aim is to chronicle every twist and turn in the process, keeping our readers ahead on key developments and emerging issues.

We call Capitol Account a trade publication, but we mean that in the best sense. Expect lively writing, astute analysis and exclusive stories about this powerful but often under-scrutinized world.

What Our Readers Say

Dan Gallagher, chief legal officer at Robinhood Markets and a former SEC commissioner:

“Capitol Account is a must read for anyone who needs to understand the intersection of politics, policy, and personalities for a living.  I expect my team and all those we work with to be close readers of the Capitol Account’s incredible insights.” 

Meg Tahyar, head of the financial institutions group at Davis Polk & Wardwell:

Capitol Account is a compelling must read because they do what so many in today’s media fail to do. They get it right and have sources who are really in the know.” 

Robert Jackson Jr., a professor at New York University School of Law and a former SEC commissioner:

“Lots of folks claim insight about how financial regulators might think, analyze and act in today’s markets. But to really know that — to parse public statements, see where the puck is going and have real impact — you need deep credibility, experience and judgment. By bringing that rare mix to both Washington and Wall Street, Capitol Account is changing the game. I don’t need another newsletter in my inbox, but to do my job right, I need Capitol Account.”

Rob Nichols, president of the American Bankers Association: 

"For anyone interested in tracking banking policy issues, Capitol Account has become a must read each day.  The late afternoon newsletter gives my team and I not just what happened in Washington that day, but more importantly, why important decisions affecting our members are being made. The Friday conversations are always a highlight as well."

Frank Kelly, the founder of Fulcrum Macro Advisors: 

Capitol Account is indispensable. There are no competitors and there is nothing remotely like it if you wish to understand the intersection of regulatory and political life in Washington. We find it a daily ‘must read’ to understand what is going on in an increasingly complex financial regulatory world.”

Chris Iacovella, president of the American Securities Association:

"If you want to understand, you subscribe to Capitol Account. They are in the know, and unlike their well-funded corporate competitors, they understand the issues and know how to determine what is important to their readers. I look forward to their note hitting my inbox every day."

About Us

Capitol Account was co-founded in June 2022 by Robert Schmidt, an ex-Bloomberg News reporter who has spent more than two decades writing about financial regulation. At Bloomberg, Rob specialized in stories that highlight how government policy affects Wall Street. He covered Washington’s response to the 2002 corporate accounting scandals and the 2008 crisis, events that resulted in new laws and major changes in oversight. He can be reached at:

Before joining Capitol Account, Jessica Holzer was a longtime journalist at the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires where she focused on the SEC, housing and banking. While living in Berlin from 2013 through 2016, she wrote features about healthcare and education for the paper. Jessica has also reported for Foreign Policy, The Economist and The Hill. You can contact her at

Ryan Tracy is a former reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where he spent 13 years writing about the intersection of business and Washington. His work spanned three presidential administrations and most recently focused on technology policy. He chronicled the government’s efforts to crack down on giant U.S. tech companies and wrote extensively about artificial intelligence, antitrust, privacy, and other issues. Before tech, he covered financial regulation, breaking news on banking agencies’ implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act. Ryan got his start reporting on local government at The Times of Trenton in his native New Jersey. He has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. You can contact him at

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Before starting Capitol Account, Robert Schmidt was a reporter at Bloomberg News for 20 years where he wrote stories that highlighted the impact of government policy on Wall Street firms. Schmidt can be reached at: